Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Train Restrooms (Part 1)

As an average commuter, I take an FX going to work and the MRT coming back, as I figured these are the best ways for me to get to my 9-6 job alive and not stinky, and get home fast enough to give me a couple of minutes to browse the net before hitting the sack. While the FX terminal in my place is overflowing with cute Ortigas and Makati-bound yuppies, the morning trips have always been too impersonal with all these sluggish guys dragging their feet to work. The night trips are a different story.

I usually get off from work at 7 to hit the gym, where workout normally takes a couple of hours. I go home at around 10pm, when the MRT is tolerable enough to take. Usually, there arent that much people anymore at  the station where I take it, so there is much room for horny guys to cruise. I've recently realized how big the market is at the train restrooms.

Last week was surprise-me-oh-CR week for me, as I've encountered several guys at the train station who are cute enough for me to want to date, but are horny as hell to be willing to suck my dick- at the restrooms, to my surprise.

1. The Sports House Staff - He works in one of the more popular sporting goods shop in Makati. His bulging jogging pants was a giveaway and was also a threat to attracting other gay guys in the restroom to stay. What we did was we transferred to another North-bound almost-deserted station where he can freely suck my cock.

2. The Ayala Bank Teller -  he was looking good in his barong when I bumped into him on my way out of the restroom. What we did was we got off at this station connected to a small supermarket where there is a conducive CR. Since it was still early, there were still a lot of people coming in and we decided to just check ourselves in a cheap motel just so we'd have a really wild time. I normally wont push the damn thing if the circumstances wont allow it, but he was one hot fuck to ignore. At the motel, the first thing that he told me was - fuck me, and then let me swallow your cum.

3. That Straight-Looking Messenger - or so I think. He's in his rugged jeans, white shirt, jacket and messenger bag. He looked like he toiled all day with his sweaty look when he came in. But he was hot - dark skinned, chinky-eyed, and some facial hair. He was wearing his jeans low enough for me to see his white brief strap, which totally turned me on.While he was doing his stuff at the urinal I stood beside him and acted peeing too while taking a peek. He's got a very beautiful cock - just the right size at 6 inches, the right girth, straight and smooth (not so much veins). It was euphoric to see that he's not pissing, so I grabbed his dick quickly at the sign of his approval. I seldom do this but I sucked him hard until he came in my mouth (I didnt swallow it though). One of the rare moments where I will suck someone. In public. And I allowed him to explode in my mouth.

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